Sunday, August 21, 2011


I guess summer is over because I have been abandonded again. Yep, that's right. My mom went back to work. I tried my hardest to get her to stay. Some of you may be wondering what I did to try and convince her that staying home with me is way more fun than teaching kids. Well, I started out very subtle. I gave her my best sad face:

When that didn't work, I left her a note so she would know exactly what I was thinking.

Finally I had to play hard ball. I took her keys and put them in my best hiding spot!

Can you believe she found them? She has been back to work for a week now. I'm very sad and let her know it by following her around when she's home. I hope she gets a day off soon!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Miniature Humans

The other day these miniature humans came to visit me. There were four of them. I found I like the littlest one the best. I made sure I was never too far away from her. I followed her everywhere and the best part is when she saw me, she would always pet me.

Mom explained to me these miniature humans were my human cousins. They came to stay with us for a couple days. I really think they came to just see me because they seemed to have a great time when I was around. The thing about these miniature humans is they have a lot of energy. When I did everything they did, I ended up getting tired.

Here I am sleeping with my eyes open. It looks like I will need some time to recooperate from their visit.