Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well, Mom and I have been busy preparing for Santa Paws this weekend. I supervised her sorting decorations, finding the perfect tree and decorating the house. At one point, however, she actually asked me to untangle some lights.
This was as far as I got....

Saturday, November 20, 2010


The other day Dad was looking for his favorite stocking hat. I was helping (of course) and look what I found....
The baby I had when I was a kid. Mom tried to find pictures of me and this baby when I was little, but something about technology and a lot of grumbling. Anyway, I promise, this baby was always in my crate to keep me company.

Clearly I was a little irresponsible with my babies when I was a kid. I have learned a lot since then.

Mom has decided since I'm more responsible, I can have this baby for good.

Welcome back long lost friend!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My New Friend

This is my new friend Meiko. Meiko came to play the other day because his humans were out of town. We played with toys, sniffed, chased, etc.
We even had a staring contest....

Overall, Meiko and I had a fun play date. I hope she can come back soon!
"Dogs love company. They place it first in their short list of needs." J.R. Ackerley

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mom's Challenge

This is me sleeping because Mom's new challenge for herself is exhausting me. She has decided to start training for her first half-marathon in February. She explained her training schedule to me and I just fell asleep.
How does this affect my life? It's scary folks...I may be roped into running with Mom. (sigh)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Lucky Girl

Clearly I am loved! My other boyfriend Farley sent me a gift today. Just out of the blue. A "Thinking of You" gift. That makes two packages from my boyfriends in one week. Ahh! Isn't love grand?!

What did I get??? Some treats and a wonderful new toy that is like a baby and a tennis ball all in one. This is perfect. When I want to snuggle, I can. However, if I feel frisky, I can roughhouse.

I was so excited about my new toy/baby that I didn't even let Mom take it out of the package.

This is my sultry pose....Think Farley will like it?

Thank you Farley! I love my presents.