Friday, April 2, 2010


My humans decided to FINALLY take me camping the other day. I'm not sure why they always prolong these camping expeditions. I do all the work. Here's how it goes...
First, I set up the tent.
Then, I tell Dad where I want my bed. I usually specify between him and Mom.
Then I have to pose for photos, of yet, another camping adventure. Me and Dad.
Me and Mom
I can finally be a dog and chew on a stick. Although this camping trip looks really fun...I almost got kicked out of the tent for the follwing reasons:
1. Slapping Mom in the face with my paw while she was in a deep sleep about 3 am
2. Licking Dad's pillow at about 3:30 am
3. Trying to push Dad out of the tent while I was "stretching."
4. Licking Dad's face while he was trying to sleep.
5. Standing on Dad's chest
6. Barreling into the side of the tent while trying to make my bed.
7. Sharing Mom's pillow and panting in her face
8. Sitting between my humans staring at them.
I think while I was sleeping on the way home this morning, I heard Mom say, "Never again" but I'm not sure what she was talking about. I thought we had a great time!
Note from Sophie's Mom:
We only got 3 hours of sleep. Sophie was VERY excited to camp. So excited, she woke up first thing in the morning to spontaneous zoomies around the campsite about knocking down the tent. It may be a while before we camp again. :(


  1. Hee hee! Maybe you guys just need a bigger tent! (PS "Never again" means "only until our memories of this outing start to fade." :) )

  2. You have to do spontaneous zoomies while camping!!!! Sounds like fun :)

    Elizabeth & Luna

  3. Dear Sophie -

    We khan khontakht the authorities fur woo if they don't take woo again -

    I think your fun is way way more important than their sleep!


  4. Sophie, I don't understand what the problem is? Sometimes you gotta stand on the humans to make sure they are still breathing. It is a puppy's duty, I am quite certain of this.

  5. I think you and I need to get our people together and go camping! Mine never go as much as I would like!