Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Love, Yogurt

Dad felt really bad the other day after subjecting me to very cold water and bubbles all over my body (the humans way of bathing), so he let me have a treat. I love any food, but get especially excited about yogurt! Consider this your guide to eating yogurt.

Step 1: Study your subject

Step 2: Dig in carefully cradling the yogurt container with either of your front paws. Don't get discouraged. This isn't as easy as it looks.

Step 3: Need I say more?
Caution: Yogurt containers could puncture easily trapping your canine tooth!


  1. That looks like fun, Sophie. We should get Mommy to cough some up, she eats it all the time. They tortured us with baths on Sunday too.

    Tucker and Daisy

  2. Aww!! You look so cute all wet, and that looks like a wonderful treat. I am so impressed you cleaned it out and left it in such good condition :)

  3. I eat yogurt everyday, but it is given to me in a bowl. I need to look into this container thingy!

    Wags N Kisses,

  4. You should get mom to freeze it for you! Doggy ice cream!

  5. Sam would like to say hello to a fellow Yoghurt Zen Master...

    It is a rare artform!


  6. You look so cute all wet, Sophie!
    I LOVE yogurt too!


  7. Even dogs love yogurt! I mean, who doesn’t love yogurt? After a long run, my dog and I eat yogurt as a reward for our hard work! Yogurt is very healthy and refreshing indeed!