Friday, September 2, 2011


My mom came home with some disturbing news the other day. She said her friend at work rescued a dog in the spring. They quickly fell in love with the pooch but found out later she needed heart worm treatment. Just when they were ready to schedule treatment, they discovered a crisis! There is currently a shortage for the treatment of heart worms. So I am sitting here thinking of what I can do to help Charlee...
Charlee is kinda like me...She knows how to use the sad eyes to get what she wants:
Mom decided to post this so that other canine lovers can be aware that there is a shortage. We will stay on top of this situation and post later what we can do to help other sick puppies. In the meantime, we are waiting and hoping that very soon Charlee will be treated.


  1. I cannot believe that you are posting this--Do you know that I was at the vet today with my dogs, and the vet told me the exact same thing! I am stunned!! The vet told me it was because of the economy people aren't giving the preventative medication and dogs are getting HW.

    THANKS for letting other people know the importance of keeping their pups on HW medication!!

  2. There is a shortage of heartworm treatments? Wow, didn't know that. The boys stay on their preventative year-round, because it also kills intestinal worms. Poor puppy! Hope Charlee can get treated soon!