Saturday, November 20, 2010


The other day Dad was looking for his favorite stocking hat. I was helping (of course) and look what I found....
The baby I had when I was a kid. Mom tried to find pictures of me and this baby when I was little, but something about technology and a lot of grumbling. Anyway, I promise, this baby was always in my crate to keep me company.

Clearly I was a little irresponsible with my babies when I was a kid. I have learned a lot since then.

Mom has decided since I'm more responsible, I can have this baby for good.

Welcome back long lost friend!


  1. Yay! You look very cute holding it - isn't it nice to find old friends?


  2. Yay! That is great. Don't you love it when you find those toys you love? :-)

  3. Old friends are the best friends Soph - we are glad you found a hidden treasure :)

  4. When is Augie going to learn to be responsible?! You are very cute with your baby!