Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Favorite Month

Many people like the month of March because the weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer, birds are chirping, etc. Although I love March because of the first signs of spring, there is another reason I love March....It's my BIRTHDAY! That's right! March 19, I'll be 6 years old. I think Mom ordered my birthday gift this morning. Of course she wouldn't tell me what it was. (sigh)
So until my birthday, I'll just be here hanging out, waiting on my special day!


  1. We will wish you early Happy Birthday! We hope you get to celebrate for the entire month!


  2. It's always nice when Mom plans ahead. Maybe she won't be able to contain herself and will give it to you early :)

  3. I like March too, but I like it even more knowing it is your birth month! I hope you get to celebrate in style.

    Wags N Kisses,

  4. Oooo, a birthday! What do you need? Want? DO YOU HAVE AN AMAZON WISHLIST??? Hee hee, we'll think of something!