Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet & Innocent

I've decided to post this picture as a lesson on how to use the brown eyes.

1. Keep your head low. It's best if it's resting (as seen in picture).
2. Look up just slightly to raise the eyebrows.
3. Putting 1 or both front paws right next to your face. They act as a frame for your look.
4. Keep your ears perked.
5. Stay focused on your subject.

Results? Melting your humans heart and likely getting away with anything!


  1. Sophie,
    You should do have the look down, we would give you anything.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Your wish is my command Sophie Lou...soooo cute!

  3. Yes, that is perfect. You fooled Mommy so much she tried to give the monitor a treat

  4. Wow Sophie - looks like you have mastered the sucky face! I would give you anything your little heart desired with those eyes! Good job!


  5. I'd pretty much give you anything! Ps Tell Mom I love her new template!