Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vacation Without Me

My humans took vacations without me. I stayed at home with Grandma Debi. Grandma Debi spoils me and I'm very lucky she comes to stay. If she didn't stay, I'd be left at the kennel all by myself.
Here are a couple photos of my humans on their vacations. They are good parents and I'm glad they got some time away.

Dad mountain biking in Utah
Mom hiking in New Mexico

Even though I gave them the cold shoulder after they returned from their trips, I'm glad to have them home. Because of the guilt they felt for leaving me, I scored some extra treats over the past week!


  1. My hoomies are going on a holiday today too & we can't come along. I hope they bring back some goodies for us or were gonna ignore them forever! HEE HEE

    I hope those treats you got were very tasty & expensive.

  2. The post vacation guilt is always treat worthy!

    I hope your Grandma let you break all the rules! :)

    Wags N Kisses,

  3. Nice moves on the guilt trips Soph. It is important to milk it for all it's worth! You deserve cookies :)