Saturday, February 12, 2011

Race Day

Today was race day for Mom. I got to cheer her on with Dad. I think I could have been used as encouragement at the end because I am such a good runner. Instead, Dad kept me close at his side with a leash. (sigh)
Here's a picture of Mom (white sunglasses) at the starting line.
And here she is finishing....
All in all, the course proved to be difficult. Five miles of it was trail and with the recent snow, it was slick, muddy and snowy. That said, she didn't get her goal time but I think she looked great finishing.
13.1 miles in 2:28.
Good job Mom!


  1. Super, super star! You must be so proud Sophie!!

  2. You have on awful special Mom Sophie. I know you would have been excellent company in the race but some humans are so silly. Maybe next year

  3. Wow! I'm in awe! Your mom is a goddess!